Quote For Today

Time with [She Who Must Be Off Limits, unlike Mrs. Hoge, Mrs. Stranahan, Mrs. Grady, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. McCain, the Daughters Johnson and the Daughter Gryffon…oh, for fuck’s sake – GAIL! Her name is Gail! Gail, Gail, Gail! Sue me!] is the most important thing to me, now more than ever.

– W.M. Schmalfeldt

This quote will remain at the top of this blog until one of the following (in approximate order of likelihood):

    1. He dies
    2. He starts to behave as if he believes what he has said
    3. He leaves the internet for two whole weeks

I’ll be over here not turning blue.

This Is Interesting

Pennsylvania woman forges law degree, makes partner.

Reminds me of someone…except for the “making partner” bit.

You Keep Using That Word

I do not think it means what you think it means


Just one zombie’s humble opinion here, but I think if you tallied up the total number of uses (and misuses) of this word and its many variants in every published work across the entire history of the written word, you would find three things:

  1. It is used incorrectly more often than not
  2. Its usage has spiked over the last 45 to 55 years
  3. That spike in usage is attributable to one person

Earworm Wednesday!

The opening notes of this tune hearken the arrival of one the very best hard rock albums ever produced.

Just one zombie’s opinion.

Predictions For #109

So, I think it’s time we started an open thread for tossing about prospective Twitter handles for…

The Inevitable Return.


Your thoughts? Comments are open!

That’s Nice


Where is he gonna send your shit? 

Seems Appropriate

Regarding That Letter


Methinks the ladyparts doth protest too much.

try all the cases


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