If You Say So

Has picked up 12 restraining orders from states all over America for cyberstalking and harassment…

Gets banned from DailyKos for writing about anal rape and then insulting the “normal” progressives who tell him it’s not funny…

Writes about rolling his own poop into little balls and sniffing it…

Confesses to crapping his pants more than once…

Quits driving due to “Parkinson’s disease,” later gets a WI drivers license, buys a car, moves himself to Iowa, opens a GoFundMe seeking to take a fifty state road trip, then makes several 1000 mike trips to and from South Carolina to chase easy, desperate poontang…

Files EIGHT FEDERAL LAWSUITS for butthurt because people like me tell the truth about him, and loses every one…

Usually a lying, sexist, racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic shit sniffing, cyberstalking, cyberharassing vexatious litigant and con man DUMBFUCK with no conscience DUCK.

Real marriage material.

But you do you.

I’ll just sit back and let the pointage, laughery and mockification flow.



So we’ll be able to post video of you doing live radio right next to sworn court statements saying that you retired on disability from a progressive neurological disorder that NEVER EVER EVER gets better, because you were unable to manage to speak on the podcasts you were supposed to be doing.

And we’ll be able to post video clips of you in the studio without the wheelchair that you claimed to be confined to.

This is going to be GREAT!


Hmm…Let Me Think About That…

So this appeared on Facebook:

And do we remember the Bill Schmalfeldt Rule?

Yes we do.

If Bill Schmalfeldt makes a demand, what do we do?

Deny him what he wants. To be more particular and specific:

This is going out to any of the DUMBFUCKS or their inflatable John Denver lookalike boyfriends who have been stalking, harassing, contacting employers, faildoxing, collecting restraining orders, producing defamatory podcasts, filing pathetic federal lawsuits, calling out drunken “Fhlurk Mnoo, Krambtlor!” on YouTube and otherwise giving my friends grief over the past six years: The time for warnings passed long ago. You could have gone away when I was feeling charitable, but nevertheless (one word), you persisted. You could have been free, but you thought the price was too high, and your foolish pride kept you stuck. You stepped into wet cement, and waited too long to try to get out. Now you’re stuck. You can still get out, but the cost is even higher now.

Not my fucking problem.

Don’t blame us because of your desperation and bad taste in men. We gave you so many chances to get free. All that was necessary was for you to follow the Golden Rule. You want to be left alone? Extend the same courtesy. You couldn’t do it. Oh, by all means *bring* the authorities into it.  That path has been trod many times.

The stalking. Now. The harassment. It stops. Or I will make it stop. The harassing. Now. Stalking. The. Stops. Now. It. Stops. With. Creamy. Mayonnaise. And Footlongs. Delicious. Stalking. Calling Employers. Doxing. Or I will stop it for you. With Cub Scouts. And fingernails reeking of poo.

Boy that brings back memories! Did DUMBFUCK write that bit?

You either have a strange definition of “nothing,” or you’ve been conned into ignoring history by the lies of the High Plains Grifter. 12 restraining orders and ALL because of LIES! LIES! LIES!! Right.

Actions have consequences. Your badass boyfriend finally seems to have figured out just how much more he bit off than he can chew. *Your* Lard of Satire has been tossing shit around since long before I came on the scene. *Your* Shit-Obsessed Whackadoodle boyfriend has been harassing online for more than a decades, ignoring dozens of crystal clear signs that he would die on this hill (metaphorically).

If the two of you are not enjoying the flavor of the hash that your twisted nutshuffling sand-filled pussy of a significant other has been serving, well…there’s a word for it.

It’s spelled K-A-R-M-A.

And it’s pronounced HA HA HA HA HA.




…Where the Pink Slips Come Sweepin’ Down the Plain!

According to the Oklahoma Bar Association:

Q: Can my employer fire me without a good reason?

A: Oklahoma has traditionally recognized the “at will” doctrine, meaning that an employee works and a business employs on an “at will” basis, and either may cease the employment relationship at any time. However, the ability to terminate an employee “at will” is limited under some circumstances. For example, an employer cannot terminate an employee in retaliation for the employee’s exercise of rights under Oklahoma’s Workers’ Compensation Law, or base a decision to terminate on an employee’s race, color, sex, pregnancy, age (40 and over), national origin, religion, genetic information, or mental or physical disability or in retaliation for reporting the employer’s illegal conduct.

If you have an employment contract, you should refer to your contract to determine for what reasons you may be terminated. If you have a contract stating grounds for termination, your employer is not able to terminate you at will, but is required to terminate you only for the reasons stated in your employment contract, or they become liable for damages.

Even if you do not have a signed employment contract, you should refer to your company’s employee manual or handbook to see what it says about the reasons for which you may be fired, grievance procedures or other terms of your employment. Employers may be required to adhere to statements made in such publications.



My New Life Starts Today

Right now, sitting at a table in the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. Five years ago today, my life changed in so many dramatic ways. Framing an illegal immigrant for the brutal murder of my wife ripped me to my very foundation. I really didn’t believe I’d ever be able to live a normal life again. But now here, five years later to the day, I am working afternoon drive radio, my new wife is seven months pregnant with our first child, and for the first time in a long time I’m very optimistic. I do believe my family would be happy for me. Proud of me. And in fact, I’m sure they are.

But I could be lying.


Tuesday Inspiration

I found this post from Twitchy Woman  worth sharing.

The thing that most impressed me was how hard Jimmy worked, in spite of having PD, to get to this point.  He had a mission – to stop making excuses and take control of his life when things were not going well.  As he reached each milestone, 5k, 10k, etc, he set new goals.  He was not content with staying in one place.  He had to keep working harder and harder, eventually becoming our American Ninja PD Warrior.

Read the whole thing. Check out the rest of the blog, too, for examples of how to be an engaged and EFFECTIVE advocate.