No Need To Thank Me

Never let it be said that I do not respect a DUMBFUCK’S “right to publicity” less than a DUMBFUCK himself respects someone else’s right to same.  But there is something that has come to my attention.

This is the Stats widget as it appears on patriot (NIWLTI) as of approximately 4:20 PM EDT:

You will notice that it has had 79 visitors today.

This is the Stats page for this site as of approximately the same time:

766 views today from 142 unique visitors. So by one metric (unique visitors), I offer a platform approximately twice the size of; by another (total visitors), my platform is almost TEN TIMES larger.

Suffice it to say, no matter how you look at it, I am well positioned to be an amplifier of its seasoned voice.

So, with purest heart and only the most noble of motives, I will commence to “re-broadcast,” word-for-word, any and all news and commentary that it chooses to publish regarding its wife’s health.

To further illustrate my good faith, I make this further pledge:  I will provide this service at no charge.  And naturally, editorial control remains completely in DUMBFUCK’S hands.  I solemnly vow not to publish anything about its wife’s health that it doesn’t publish first. If it wants people to know, I want nothing more than to help.  If it wants to keep that information to itself, that too is its choice.

So, with no further ado…


Gail is resting comfortably, watching “Caught on Camera” on TV. She is in my line of sight.

5-27-2015 10-42-53 AM


“watching my wife slowly slip away. There’s nothing I can do for her. “

This post will be updated as news becomes available.

Guest Host Introductions – Open Post

As we all know, Paul Krendler is tending to his injured child and concentrating on his family at the moment. He handed me, Zombie Morgana, the metaphorical reins to give you all the occasional update as well as an open thread for topics of interest. I had hoped to be making the occasional guest post over here, but not under these circumstances. I am your humble Blog Mistress over at Billy Sez and hope that you will peruse the content there at your leisure and to your own amusement.

So here we are, a fresh and unspoiled thread for you Zombie Horde members. Enjoy!


Stepping Back

To the Zombie Horde –

I need to step away for a while.

My daughter was in a terrible auto accident on the way to school this morning.  She was riding with a friend and her mother when another driver ran a red light and T-boned them.  Her friend has a broken leg and several cracked ribs; the mother is in stable condition.

My darling daughter took the brunt of the impact. She has been in surgery for five hours.  We don’t know what to expect.

Posting will be greatly reduced as we wait.  Thank you for your kind words in advance. Please pray for us all, my daughter’s friend and her mother as well.

Updates when convenient.

Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


And really…who would be more intimately acquainted with that smell than DUMBFUCK?

Reminds me of a day last November. For me it was just another of what seems like a thousand days when DUMBFUCK swore he’d get someone, ANYONE – 

“Your Honor, I call THAT GUY!!”

– under oath to tell him who I am.

Except he was hidden in the hills above Elkridge that day while his Peace Order hearing came and went. Yes, hidden he was, deep in a thicket of trees, skirts hiked up around his hips, filled with sand and reeking of what?

All together, class…


What’s the Difference Between Ignorance and Apathy?

I don’t know, and I don’t care…

who @DerpGrouch is.  It’s got “false flag” all over it.

But what I have ALWAYS found entertaining in the most perverse way is the consistent ability of a DUMBFUCK to see something he doesn’t like (but would totally have done if he had the creativity to rise above his obsessive fixation on anally-related Photoshops), declare it defamatory, evil, hate-filled and beyond the pale, and then decide that the best thing to do about it…

…is re-post it.

It is almost enough to challenge a soul to try to create something that DUMBFUCK himself couldn’t justify re-posting.


Protected: Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Earworm Wednesday!

Sorry this is late.  IRL intrudes.


Given:  WJJ Hoge III, with an active and valid Peace Order against Bill Schmalfeldt in 2013, for a brief and probably unintentional period followed BM-DMC on Twitter.  The result was a massive pre-Feldtdown Feldtdown by the massive weeping monkey vulva.

Given:  Bill Schmalfeldt, adjudicated cyberstalker and cyberharraser, is also the object of a Stalking No Contact Order held by Patrick Grady which forbids not only contact but monitoring.

Given: Bill Schmalfeldt recently filed a federal LOLSUIT against “Patrick Grady aka Paul Krendler.”  One can conclude from this that the nit-brained suckhole tincasa dweller supposes not only that we are one and the same, but that he can prove it, and more importantly, will be afforded the opportunity to do so.

With these facts and conclusions in evidence, what then are we to conclude when adjudicated cyberstalker and cyberharasser Bill Schmalfeldt, subject of a Stalking No Contact Order against a man he has repeatedly stated he can prove is the owner of this blog,  does this?

Demented cyberstalkers gotta cyberstalk dementedly.


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