Rowdy Roddy Piper, R.I.P

In the annals of cinematic history, this may be the very best line of the very worst movie, EVER.

And it came from Rowdy Roddy:

Also a helluva wrestler.

Gone at 61.

Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

You wanna know how much cooler I am than you?

My kids retweet me.

Random Thought

Do you think that 15 years ago, when the Left came up with their vision of George W. Bush as a dichotomy of pure evil mastermind/bumbling chimpanzee, they based it on an existing model?

Asking The Uncomfortable Question The Media Won’t

I say “uncomfortable question.”

I don’t say “difficult question.”

I might also say “obvious question.”

Here’s the question:

When did this whole discussion move from “They’re just ‘clumps of cells’ and ‘blobs of tissue'” to “they’re body parts that we can sell?”

Since when do clumps of cells and blobs of tissue have body parts? Can we get Cecile the Lyin’ Killer in front of Congress to answer that question?

Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

7-30-2015 8-44-05 AM

No, no, no,no, no…

This is not how we know he is evil.  In point of fact, I might argue with folks who say DUMBFUCK is evil.  Make no mistake – I could be persuaded on this point, but I think DUMBFUCK is sooo much less than evil.  He lacks the fortitude.  He is nauseating, certainly.  Disturbing, without question.  Twisted, no doubt.

In fact I would say he is little more than annoying, with occasional gusts of insanity.  But calling him evil gives him far too much credit.  I suppose we could discuss that, and you folks could change my mind.

No, this is not what shows he might be evil.

This is what shows he has no friends.

People who have friends enjoy social events with those friends.  They take pictures of those friends.  They post pictures of those friends on blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.  The email pictures to these friends.

That’s not what a turdsniffing DUMBFUCK does.  We all know by now about the fabulous pictures he takes, and who he shares them with, and why.

You know, I may have to rethink the whole “EVIL” question…


7-30-2015 4-12-16 PM

Gee, I don’t know, DUMBFUCK.

Someone remind me to ask David Edgren’s son the next time I see him…



Stream of Consciousness Browsing Leads to Ancient Treasure

I was enjoying some radio drama over at the World’s Smallest Blog, and I found this little ad:

 Jack Webb look so young, healthy and vital with that smoldering Chesterfield, doesn’t he?  Sure he does.

But then I thought, “Wait, didn’t that guy with the voice of a dump truck rolling out of a gravel pit die of lung cancer?”

So, off to Wikipedia!

Nope – not cancer.  Heart attack, brought on by smoking.  Oh, well…can’t be right all the time.  But scanning the Wikipedia page, I found a mention of this all-time gem from Jack Webb and Johnny Carson:

Thanks, Ukuleledave!

Earworm Wednesday!


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