Awww, Someone’s MAAAAAD at Me!

Yeah, somebody’s upset with me.

Where ARE those pearls?  Can someone haul the fainting couch out of storage?

And because he’s upset with me…and because he’s an impotent coward…he’s emailing threats to others.  And eventually, the email threats make their way to me.

Did I mention “impotent coward?”

But, in order to protect these others from the empty threats of an impotent coward, I thought I might re-implement a policy I tried once before.

Password protection.

Henceforth, any post that might possibly make this particular impotent coward look

  • Stupid;
  • Impotent;
  • Cowardly;
  • Drunk;
  • Foolish;
  • Fat;
  • Insane;
  • Incompetent;
  • Untalented;
  • Undateable;
  • Or any other of a thousand things or the many combinations and permutations thereof…(in other words, accurate)

I will put a password on that post.  As before, the password will be standard for all protected posts.

If you want to read that post, you need the password. To get the password, you must fill out the contact form below.

For you idiots and impotent cowards out there (but I repeat myself), if you are using a WordPress account while viewing this post, it is a near certainty that the contact form will AUTO FILL the email address field.  So if you feel like reporting me to WordPress for trying to STEAL YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS again like you did before, please go right ahead you fucking dumbass.

Remember that story from November about the guy who fell into an acidic hot spring in Yellowstone Park and boiled to death?

That guy was a DUMBFUCK; a perfect example of Heinlein’s thoughts on stupidity:

“Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

That DUMBFUCK just walked off the marked path, a stupidity which in that case actually was a crime, and got himself executed.

What I am trying to do is require other DUMBFUCKS with their hearts set on finding butthurt to get all worked up over, to not simply leave a path, but to leave a path, strip naked (figuratively!  Brain bleach is on the left as you exit, free of charge), crawl through ten yards of dense razor wire, wade across a swimming pool full of used hypodermic syringes, roll through a paste of salt, wasabi, mustard, powdered Carolina Reaper pepper and lemon juice, set themselves on fire and THEN dive headfirst into the boiling acid pool…just to get to the butthurt.

So they can claim that they voluntarily went through all that torture to get upset by people insulting them.

So for all that, here’s the contact form.  Fill it out if isn’t already done for you & send it along.  I get the password back to you as soon as I’m damn good and ready.

Unless you’re a known DUMBFUCK.  No soup for you!


Spot The Tell

On today’s episode, we have a statement from a certain commentator at a certain UNREAD website. See if you can spot the tell:

We felt this sense of pride that America had transcended its centuries of institutional racism and elected a black guy as our Commander-in-Chief.

It’s like a fart in an elevator, right? Even if you wanted to escape it you can’t.

But you know, some folks love to complain about CONTEXT. So here’s the whole paragraph.

Eight years ago today, January 20, 2009, my wife and I stood, holding hands, in front of our couch, watching as Barack Obama took the oath of office. We felt this sense of pride that America had transcended its centuries of institutional racism and elected a black guy as our Commander-in-Chief.

That is some kickass GS13 fed to fed writer/editoring, is what that is. “Look at my virtuous virtue signaling while simultaneously crankstomping my virtue by using a most decidedly un-PC pejorative to describe our checked-out Lightbringer and SCOAMF President!”

I’m tempted to say words fail, but there’s this post I’m writing, so…no.  

Thank God President Trump is here to lead us out away from this kind of idiocy and into a whole fresh new brand of idiocy.



Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

If any members of the Zombie Horde ever need a terrific visual definition of the term “one trick pony,” bookmark this image:

Waiting breathlessly for the inevitable “Let’s Meet This Week’s Paul Krendler (or Maybe Howard Earl), Mike Suttles of Northwestern, Oregon!” post…

And for fuck’s sake, you’d think even a writer-editor STALKER who highlights a 72% proficiency in English (his native language, natch) would be able to figure out that there’s NO TOWN IN OREGON CALLED “NORTHWESTERN!”

It is mistakes like this that do not bode well for his prospects to RETURM to work.

Maybe he should have called his good pal Phyllis Mason and asked her about it.

But no, of course not.



You Know You Can’t Archive Posts From DUMBFUCK’S New Blog

So archive this instead!

There’s a teeny-tiny, hard to read paragraph in the middle there, that really doesn’t add much to the post, but if you’re dying to know what it says…

Money Damages.  This is the most common remedy sought in breach-of-contract actions.  Money damages may be awarded for losses that were proximately caused by the defendant’s breach, that were reasonably foreseeable, and that are proven with reasonable certainty. Reasonable foreseeable means that the damages are those that would arise naturally out of the breach of the contract.  Moreover, a plaintiff can recover damages that are reasonably supposed to have been in the mind of both parties at the time that the contract was formed.

Let it never be said that I am incomplete or inaccurate when reproducing DUMBFUCKERY for the purpose of commentary under the Fair Use provisions of United States Copyright Law. (Sound familiar?)

But do let it be said that I have not republished the blog post. If a DUMBFUCK believes he can split a hair so finely as to argue that a contract he signed isn’t a contract, then I can say that what I published is a JPEG file image of a blog post, which by definition is a JPEG file, not a blog post.

So, DUMBFUCK, go fuck yourself.  In the kidneys. With a jackhammer.

^^^^^^^^^^That’s commentary right there.



Well, This Is Interesting

So has anyone confirmed that DUMBFUCK has actually relocated?

I only ask because every few days, this happens:

Regular visits to this blog by Milwaukee County’s Sheriff’s Department?  Someone there must think it’s worth visiting even if there is no longer a whining, sand-filled PUSSY UNDER THE PORCH in their jurisdiction calling every day because he’s such a sensitive soul that he can’t take a little of what he’s dished out for years.

  • Play his game
  • By his rules
  • Kick his ass
  • Repeat tomorrow

But if, as he says, he’s relocated (either he has or he’s a liar, but everyone already knows he’s a liar, so maybe it’s BOTH), then why would Milwaukee sheriffs still be looking in?

Could it be they figured out what we have all known for so long? Do they know his only social value is as a source of LULZ and a target for PLM?

Just one zombie’s humble opinion, but it seems a reasonable explanation to me.

If any of YOU zombies have other thoughts, let me know.  ESPECIALLY if you wear a Milwaukee County badge and can shed some truth on the matter!

Welcome in!


Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


Now I could be wrong ( it happens…not often, but sometimes) but I think DUMBFUCK is a little upset that ATTENTION IS NOT BEING PAID!


Bet it’s really a big pile of nothing, much like DUMBFUCK himself. I don’t understand why he’s #GoldenShowering himself over the fact that John Hoge has a strategy and that no one else is calling out this longtime, proven, documented, obvious liar for the obvious lie that no one has yet seen.

But let it not be said that I am shy about such things.

Whatever is in that .pdf attachment, besides malware, viruses and pornographic Photoshops, I’m gonna take a leap of faith LOGIC AND REASONABLE ASSUMPTION BASED ON PAST LIES IN COURT PLEADINGS and say that it’s at least 99.44% shy of the expected standard of truth. Because history shows that SJW DUMBFUCKS ALWAYS lie, ALWAYS project, ALWAYS double down.

I predict a request for sanctions, a show cause hearing, or both (EMBRACE THE POWER!) to be filed when most advantageous to the Plaintiff.


I could be wrong (it happens…not often, but sometimes).


The Triumphant Return of King Peondakiddies!

Sure it took him a couple of loooong days to think up something that met the very lowest standards of humor (his own), but he got there in the end.

Never mind that the whole story was a 4chan put up job with not even a single disgusting yellow drop of truth to it.

The King drank it down like lemonade on hot Saturday afternoon.

Who expected less?  Show of hands?


The Karma Train Rolls On

…and if you pay attention, you notice.

The Democrats on Impeachment.  CNN on being marginalized by Trump.

I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – to find gambling going on in this establishment!

Exit question:  would it have been better or worse for CNN had Trump, instead of engaging, allowed Acosta to badger on unrestrained until he ran out of piss and then just turn to someone else for the next question without the dignity of a response?


I Predict

Remember in 2001 when newly minted ex-President Bill Clinton made a long-winded farewell address from Andrews AFB in a petty attempt to upstage the inauguration of his successor?


that soon-to-be-former President Obama will do the same thing.  But not from Andrews.  He’ll be somewhere else, like perhaps on the front steps of his new Washington home. Some will say he can’t help himself.  I say it’s been planned since Trump won in November.

Having already made his farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday, he won’t have anything new or interesting to say; but simply by opening his mouth, the media will use that to suck some oxygen away from the Capitol steps next Friday.

You heard it here first.